EHSS & Q Policy Petrochemical Pipeline Services (for Environment, Health, Safety, Secuity & Quality) 


We are committed to conduct our pipeline activities in a manner that protects the safety and health of our employees, contractor employees, customers and the communities in which we operate as well as the integrity of neighbouring facilities, company assets and the environment.

It is our responsibility: 

  • To minimize the risks associated with our activities.

  • To continuously improve our EHSS & Q performance.

  • To comply with customer expectations to enhance customer satisfaction.


    We will accomplish this by:

  • Having the core value: “An incident free environment”.

  • Having the core value: “Sustainability: minimizing the ecological footprint that our activities leave behind”

  • Having the core value: “No business gains at the expense of EHSS”.

  • Complying with applicable legislation, rules, regulations and standards.

  • Assessing and managing EHSS & Q risks.

  • Designing and managing our pipelines to the best practical standards to minimize environmental and human health impact.

  • Maintaining open communications with our employees, contractor employees, customers, neighbours, other stakeholders and the public.

  • Protecting obtained personal information of stakeholders and respecting stakeholders’ privacy.

  • Providing workplaces free of recognized safety and health hazards.

  • Providing appropriate resources, professional staff and training to realise EHSS & Q goals and support to programs that focus on EHSS & Q and customer satisfaction.

  • Showing leadership and support in EHSS protection, process safety management and customer satisfaction oriented programs.

  • Creating a climate in which everyone can and will contribute maximally to the EHSS & Q objectives, o.a. by reporting all incidents and analysing the root causes”.

  • Auditing the EHSS & Q performance through our Management System and improving its effectiveness on an ongoing basis.


    The implementation of the ISO 14001 (Environment) and ISO 9001 (Quality) norms and SABIC’s Safety, Security, Health & Environment Management Standard in our Quality Management System is our approach to achieve Incident Free Operations, Operational Excellence and Customer Satisfaction. The core of these standards is the Plan-Do-Check-Act circle, which aims for continuous improvement.


    Berry van Kooi

    Petrochemical Pipeline Services